A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Razor's Biography

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PostSubject: Razor's Biography   Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:16 pm

*Updated 5/29/14*
*Updated again on 11/28/15*
Another note: It's been a year since I've written this biography, and my writing is now better. I'll make this all pretty soon.

Name; Razor
Nickname; Raz, Razzy
Gender; Male
Age; Three years old
Immune, infected, not infected; Not infected
Breed; Siberian Husky
Description; Razor has a black colored pelt, with a white underbelly, white legs and paws. On his face/muzzle, he has a sort of a white mask marking. His out-most coat, feels rough, but hid inner coat feels wooly. He has a lithe body with a sort of a wolf-like appearance. Razor's body is built for strength, speed, and endurance. His white tail is huge, and fluffy. When he feels cold, he wraps her tail around his body to keep himself warm. His left ear is always flattened and shredded, and he can't hear in her left ear, due to a fight. He has heterochromia, that means he has two different eyes colors. His left eye is blue, while his right eye is chocolate brown.

Personality; Razor is normally a silent wolf; one who prefers the silence against the sight of another being. He is self-driven, and ambitious. He always has at least one goal in his mind. Stay alive is his motto, no matter who gets killed, and whoever gets hurt. When trusted with missions and tasks, he puts much effort in his duties, accomplishing his goals. He is sly, and cunning; as he always manages to slip out of trouble when it comes about. The husky appears to others as a calming canine  with a cold demeanor. However, if you manage to make him angered, he will attack you in full rage, driven fully with emotion. (Oh yes, some character development will start to kick in.)

Song; Where My Demons Hide by Imagine Dragons

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PostSubject: Re: Razor's Biography   Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:52 pm

Have fun!

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Razor's Biography
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