A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Ash [Broken Angel]

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PostSubject: Ash [Broken Angel]   Tue May 06, 2014 6:10 am



Fast ; Quiet ; Broken

Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort,
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a f*ck if I cut my arm bleeding
This is my last resort,~

nickname(s) ;; Ashy, Blu, Angel
age ;; 2 years
gender ;; Female
description ;; At first glance, Ash is quite average looking. Medium sized, and nothing to different from others of her kind. She is slender, with a long head that carries sharp features, including folded ears that seem to be permenatly pinned against her skull, and large eyes, deep brown in color. She has a wider chest and shoulders that lead to narrow hips, and a long, narrow tail that look's like it belongs to a feline. Long, thin legs support her light weight, delicate yet powerful. Typical in a Greyhound, something that makes her a born runner. Ash gets her name from the bluish color of her pelt, stained by white blended into her paws, chest, and face. It is the small things, the barely noticable things, that differentiate her from others of her kind. Including the way her fur is almost always groomed, either intentionally or by nervous habit, and the scars that are scattered all over her body, faint yet fresh.
status ;; Not infected
breed ;; Pure bred Greyhound
I never realized I was spread too thin
'Til it was too late and I was empty within
Hungry, feeding on chaos and living in sin
Downward spiral, where do I begin?~

personality ;; Another thing that makes Ash unique from others of her kind is her personality. She can seem skittish when you first meet her, like all others of her kind, but her personality runs deeper then that. She has problems with trusting others, and it can be quite a difficult task to befriend her. She has a good heart, you can be assured of that, but with her snappish and aggressive attitude directed at others she sees as threats, she can seem to have a dark nature, which can be seen as partly true. She has had terrible things done to her, which has broken her in ways others can't begin to imagine. Ash has toughened up from a fragile pup to a fearsome adult. While she chooses not to fight, when forced to, she will always give a good fight. She is intelligent, though a bit scattered and can sometimes break down, turning insane. She is a leader, despite everything, and a rather good one at that. She can stand back and study both sides of a story before making a judgement, and always gives orders she see's that will benefit everyone, not just her self. Selfless and giving, are part of her very nature, written in her DNA. With puppies she is a softie, and if someone dares to threaten one or anyone she has actually managed to care for and develop trust for, she will attack without thought.
weaknesses ;; She isn't very good at trusting others.
strengths ;; She is very good at running, and most of anyone who attempts to chase her will be left in the dust.
talents ;; Hiding is another thing Ash is extremely skillful at.
habits ;; She will groom her felt when she feels nervous.
history ;; Find out yourself. [Will be revealed in roleplay]
friends ;; N/A
enemies ;; N/A
crushes ;; N/A
mate ;; N/A
family ;; Her family is long dead
song ;; Last resort by Papa roach
'Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine

'Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Losing my sight, losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine~

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PostSubject: Re: Ash [Broken Angel]   Tue May 06, 2014 5:59 pm

Cuz Papa Roach be awesome~

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Ash [Broken Angel]
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