A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Blizzard's bio

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PostSubject: Blizzard's bio   Blizzard's bio Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2014 7:28 pm

Blizzard's bio Image

Intelligent ; Brutal ; Insane

Insanity, the weight of the air is torture.
Psychopathy, don't know who I am any more~

nickname(s) ;; Blizz, Blizzy, Zard
age ;; 2 years
gender ;; Male
description ;; Blizzard is relatively regular sized for a wolf except he is taller than most. He has a slender yet bullet shaped body yet is still has a muscular frame and long, thin legs which makes him fast and agile, yet still strong and deadly. He has a long, narrow snout with a coal black nose and the tips of his canines show from under his upper lip. He has long, surprisingly soft & silky fur the color of bright white, yet his fur is almost always stained with a dark crimson from wounds from the many fights he gets himself into. His body is littered with scars from the many fights he has gotten himself into, but they are all hidden beneath his silky white coat except for one, which is a dark pink scar running across his right eye, which he obtained from when he was banished from his pack for killing another member. Blizzard has surprisingly vivid dark green eyes that hold the coldness and anger of a mad man. He has a large, black collar made of leather with spikes on it.
rank ;; Alpha
Insanity, the illusion of ignorance
Captivity, why don't you take a chance?~

personality ;; Blizzard is a cruel wolf, often playing with others feelings for his own amusement. He is angered very easily, and will attack with strength as well as with words almost as sharp as a jagged blade. He doesn't trust others that easily, in fact, the task is near impossible. But if you somehow do gain his trust, he will be not as loyal as most wolves are to the ones he trust. But you can sleep well knowing he won't kill you when your back is turned. For the ones who become his enemies, he will often hunt them down with a relentlessness that a simple wolf does not have. Blizzard wasn't always this way. He used to be just kind, energetic, playful even. But things happened, things that corrupted his mind and slowly drove him over the brink of insanity. But there is just a bit of sanity in him, just a sliver, that is horrified by the things he is doing but can't control the corrupting darkness that has taken over him. On the rarest occasions the sliver of sanity shows itself, but then the darkness comes back down on him and the moments gone. Deep down inside all he wants is to be sane again, but if that hope is to come true he's going to need help.
weaknesses ;; His cruel ways and his anger problems.
strengths ;; His strength and his relentlessness.
talents ;; Swimming, climbing
habits ;; He'll gnash his teeth together when aggravated.
history ;; WIP
friends ;; None
enemies ;; None
crushes ;; ?
mate ;; ?
family ;; None
Sanity, light is peeking through the darkness
Purity, can't feel anymore of the stress
Sanity, its already fading away
Cruelty, instincts controlling me~

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Blizzard's bio
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