A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Fear's biography

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PostSubject: Fear's biography   Fear's biography Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2014 8:53 pm

Name; Fear
Nickname; She has none
Age; 2 years
Gender; Female
Breed; Gray wolf
Infectious state; Not infected
Description; Fear looks innocent and harmless, even a bit alluring, when you first see her, but you will soon see how dangerous she really is. She is of sturdy build, muscular yet slender, with long legs packed with muacle. She is larger them most females these days, about the size of an average male, giving her an adavantage on the battle field. Fear has a short thin coat covering her body, soft and silky to the touch. Her pelt is the color fo snow, a brilliant white that attracts a lot of attention, attentio she doesn't mind at all. Her eyes, the most noticable and unsettling feature on her, are a deep blue like the ocean, and just like an ocean, it is pretty easy to get lost in them.
Personality; Fear is a confusing mix of dark and light. She has seen a lot of dark things which has given her a particually aggressive nature, her actions boardering on cruel at moments. She mostly acts like this to her eneimes, and sometimes to strangers, if she is in an especially foul mood. Fear tries to act vicer to her friends and loved ones, but it is sometimes difficult to her, and she is labeled an outcast.
History; Fear was born in another place, a peaceful land called Blossom Forest. Her name then was Snow. There, wolves of all shapes and sizes ran about in harmony, except in the fighting areas. It had no humans. Most called it paradise. She lived to the age of one year before she found out she had a special gift. She is able to teleport to other dimensions when she chooses. She found this out when a gang of rouges attacked her, and she teleported to another land in defense. She wasn't able to control it then, and she wasn't able to get into Blossom Forest again. She wandered around this new land, a place were humans and wolves were in a war. She was raised fighting, and her name was changed to Fear to better suit her. When she felt the chance, and when she feels it, it is like a buzzing in her head that won't go away, she took it, and teleported to were she is now, detroit after the virus hit. She feels several interlinking passages to other places, but she plans to explore later.
Power; Fear has a special power. She is able to teleport from dimension to dimension. She can only do this, however, if there is a door open. She will feel it when her head starts buzzing, and she can choose to or not. When she does teleport, she usually feels very sick afterwards, for about an hour, so she doesn't do it often.
Song; Help I'm alive
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PostSubject: Re: Fear's biography   Fear's biography Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 1:36 am

And Have Fun!
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Fear's biography
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