A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Bear the sweet and kind

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PostSubject: Bear the sweet and kind   Wed May 28, 2014 3:50 pm




Nickname;; Berry (An affectionate name given to him by his mother)
Gender;; Male
Age;; 4 month
Infectious state;; Not infected
Breed;; Lab

"Even angels have horns"

Description;; Bear has grown quite a bit from his time as a puppy, both physically and emotionally. Standing now at 24 inches tall, he still retains a lithe figure, with long legs, but his body now has lean muscles from many long days of running and fighting. Bear has a double coat, the soft under coat acting as a water resistant barrier and acts as insulation against the cold. His course outer coat helps his coat to be more water proof. Most days it is ruffled and messy, pitch black in color. His eyes are a soft brown in color, not quite as innocent as they were when he was just a pup.

Personality;; Bear has changed a lot from his puppy like nature. No longer is he so sweet and innocent, the things he has seen and dealt with tainting his views of the world. He is not cruel, but he certainly doesn't show kindness like he used to. Just cold disregard. Why should he show kindness when all it does is get him hurt? He is intelligent and has knowledge of the streets and how the workings go. Bear doesn't give his trust easily, and even if he knows a creature well, he never gives them his full trust. He is more likely to run however if it comes to a fight, not much of a fighter.

History;; Bear was born on the outskirts of the city in a litter of three, yet he was the only one to survive. His mother, Bella, named him after his dead father, Bear. He doesn't remember much other of his past, just his mother dead and him running away in fear. He wandered into the city and learned just how hard life was. All canines he met used or abused him in one way or the other, using his trust in them and his huge heart against him. He decided one day he was done being so nice.

"Life isn't fair"

Family;; Mother: Bella, dead
Strengths;; Making friends
Weaknesses;; Fighting
Song; Haven't found it yet (Suggestions?)

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PostSubject: Re: Bear the sweet and kind   Wed May 28, 2014 4:13 pm

Awwwe, so cute!
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Bear the sweet and kind
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