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 Apocalypse the mentally unstable spirit

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PostSubject: Apocalypse the mentally unstable spirit   Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:33 pm

Name ;; Apocalypse
Nickname(s) ;; Paco (Only by her closest friends)
Age ;; 2 years
Gender ;; Female
Image ;;
Spirit or living wolf ;; Spirit
Description ;; Apocalypse has a slender frame  with long legs but is still muscular, making her agile and strong, perfect qualities for an alpha. She is just bit smaller than a regular wolf, having been runt of the litter, but she always stands tall and proud, a challenge set in her features. Her left ear is shredded from a brutal fight she had long ago. She has a short but thick coat of fur that's a soft light gray with a dark rusty red mixed in, which help her blend in with her surroundings instead of make her stick out. She has dazzling dark forest green eyes that seem to show little emotion, but sometimes you can see the insanity in them.
Personality ;; Apocalypse is a very quiet wolf and rarely speaks to others outside her pack except when she threatening them, but she is not shy. She is confident, but nowhere near being cocky or arrogant, and she cant stand others who are like that. She is more of a leader than a follower, and doesn't take commands. She doesn't give out her trust that easily, but once you obtain it she is very loyal. She is the type of being that will always speak her mind, and will do so quite bluntly. There is a darker side to her. She is walking on the thing line separating sanity from insanity and can sometimes be pushed into the realm of insanity, but always somehow manages to make it back to the world of the sane. Apocalypse has very deep emotional problems, from all the torment her brothers had caused her, even though she doesn't show it. This makes love a very difficult subject for her. She can has bad anger problems with sharp words to match. When she is in a fit of anger she will often hurt the ones close to her without meaning it, so she tries hard not to get close to others. Apocalypse can sometimes be down right cruel, especially when she is in a bad mood.
History ;; Apocalypse was born into the pack silvermoon with her three bigger brothers Chess, Claw and Ash. She ended up being the runt of the litter and was reminded of it by her brothers constant teasing and bullying. The only brother that didnt pick on her was Claw, and they had formed a close bond. Because of a pack rule that said she was not allowed to train as an apprentice because she was a runt, she grew up doing work for her pack elders. After a while had passed in this arrangement she snapped and attacked her brother Ash, and actually won the fight, but was left with a badly shredded ear resulting in her losing her hearing. She had taken Ash's eye in the fight, and had earned the right to train as an apprentice. She was mentored by Whitefang, a older and wiser male in the pack. She was trained in the ways of the hunter, and soon became a full fledge hunter. Her brother Claw left the pack in search of a place for his own after he became a full fledged warrior. One winter day she was sent out on a hunting mission since the food stock was low. Apocalypse was in the middle of stalking a buck, a scrawny one but still enough, when she heard the sound of gunshots then the sound of her packmates pained howls. She had  run as fast as she could back to camp to find all her pack mates dead, killed by hunters. She had walked up to her old mentor, Whitefang's, body. She laid down by his side, saddened by the site and was shot at by one of the hunters still in the area. She jumped up and ran away as fast as she could and was soon out of the pack territory. She paused only momentarily before she started to run away again, not really knowing where she was going. She wandered around for months before wandered into an unclaimed territory. Soon after she met Blizzard, then Shadow and the silver moon pack was created. She was killed while sparring with her lead scout Blizzard during a training session, and has been watching over the pack ever since.
Strengths ;; Her speed, leadership skills, and intelligence.
Weaknesses ;; Her unstable mental state, and her emotional problems.
Family ;; Mouse(Mother, dead), Chaos(Father,dead),Chess(brother,dead), Ash(brother,dead), Claw(brother,unknown).
Friends ;; Blizzard and Shadow, even though she left on bad terms when she last saw them.
Mate ;; N/A
Pups ;; N/A
Song ;; Get out alive

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Apocalypse the mentally unstable spirit
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