A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Rebel the immune

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PostSubject: Rebel the immune   Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:39 pm



Strong ; Smart ; Immune

I'm in the details with the devil
So now the world can never get me on my level
Just got to get you out the cage
Gonna need a spark to ignite~

nickname(s) ;; Reb, Rebby
age ;; 2 years
gender ;; Male
description ;; Rebel is a large male, due to his Great Dane genes, and not one to be messed with. He has a more slender frame, yet it is stiff packed with powerful muscle, and long, thin legs made for running. Rebel's pelt is short and thin, and is a dark, glossy black in color. He has a white spot on his lower chest. His tail is thicker at the base and tapers to a point at the end. He was born with a mutation most Great Danes don't possess; cropped ears. Rebel has a large and narrow head, with a mouth hiding sharp canines that are stained slightly red from the many, many fights he has been in. His eyes are a dark brown color, and set on his face in a way that makes you think he looks quite innocent, but he is far from it.
immune, infected, not infected ;; Immune

So light em up, light em up, light em up
I'm on fire~

personality ;; Rebel is a dog who will do anything and everything in his power to survive. He was named after his rebellious nature, and was soon after thrown from the litter because of it. He can't follow a single order or direction without disagreeing or fighting it. He is a fighter, not a lover, and any canine he meets he doesn't like, he kills. It doens't matter if it's an infected canine, it won't infect him, which makes Rebel just a little bit cocky, but no where near arrogent. He is smart, though usually quiet. He could probably never be a leader. He has only been taught how to survive the loner way, and he doesn't really play well with others.
weaknesses ;; He is terrible at making friends.
strengths ;; He is immune to the virus.
talents ;; Surviving is a real good talent of Rebel's.
habits ;; He flick his ears in a nervous habit.
history ;; Rebel keeps his past a secret. If your so curious, you will just have to ask him. (Will be revealed in rp)
friends ;; N/A
enemies ;; N/A
crushes ;; N/A
mate ;; N/A
family ;; Rebel has no family

I got the scars from tomorrow
Wish you could see
You are the antidote to everything except for me~

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Rebel the immune
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