A semi-realistic post-apocalyptic canine roleplay
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 Site Store (WIP)

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PostSubject: Site Store (WIP)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:14 pm

Infected Perks
Turn healthy character into an Infected - 20RS
Super Strength - 30RS
Able to lift manhole covers like a discus and push cars with moderate effort.
Speed & Agility- 30RS
Able to run 60-75 mph for short bursts and jump up to 10 feet.
Horns - 10RS
Talons - 10RS
Automatic Healing - 50RS
Small slashes and bite marks heal within 30 Sec. Fatal wounds cannot be healed and Broken bones take 24 hrs in rp. Any wound that a normal canine would have no hope of surviving from without medical attention cannot be healed.
Scent Cloaking - 50RS
Hide scent for up to 5 hrs while sleeping, if running or hunting only a short burst.
Night Vision - 20RS
Heat Vision (See all traces of heat) - 30RS

Only 3 things per character
1 vision based mutation at a time.
These are for the infected that people may hold as characters.

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Site Store (WIP)
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