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 Ray's biography

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PostSubject: Ray's biography   Ray's biography Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 1:34 am

Ray's biography Ray_reference_2

The Basics




R, Ray-ray



;Sexual orientation;



Two years





Ray is a very scrawny wolf, looking little more then a skeleton with skin, with almost no muscle to him. This makes him rather weak in the aspect of strength, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in speed, with long, thin legs and small paws. He has a rather small build covered by a thin pelt of short fur that is surprisingly soft and glossy, taking on an almost silk like quality to it. Each strand of fur is a coal black in color, blending hi in quite well with the shadows. Ray's eyes are a light grey, matching his personality well.

;Sum it up;

Build; Small and scrawny
Coat color; Black
Coat length; Short
Eye color; Dull Grey
Scars or extras; Has a scar on his shoulder



Ray has a snappy, sarcastic attitude, with little patience to spare, which means he really doesn't tolerate whining or anything else aggravating from the wolves he is around. If you get to know him well, though, you will see a softer side of him that he rarely shows. Ray will always help another that is injured or needs help, and that is what makes him just a great healer. He always respects wolves ranking higher then him on the hierarchy, and is extremely loyal to his pack. He is clever and intelligent, able to memorize herbs and other important information.

- Quiet
- Nighttime
- Running
- Amusing/Witty wolves

- Dire wolves
- Cocky/Stupid wolves
- Whining
- Creatures who bully ones smaller then themselves

- Ray is very quick, an extremely fast runner.
- Ray is very bright and intelligent, making him good at remembering herbs.

- His temper and lack of patience
- His small size and lack of muscle are the greatest weaknesses he has


Ray was born in a small den in an unknown pack in an unnamed land somewhere far away on a warm summers eve. His mother, Aurora, a small looking wolf with dull grey fur that appeared silver in the moonlight and startlingly grey eyes, and his father, Kiba, a relatively average sized male with ink black fur and yellow-green eyes, were the proud parents of a healthy litter of six pups. Ray was the only male in the litter, and also the runt. His sisters, Lilith, Raven, Crystal, Rouge, and Bella never treated him poorly for it though, and he lived a rather normal and happy pup-hood, playing with his siblings, exploring, and getting into trouble at every turn. His parents, being the top hunter and warrior in the pack, taught their children the best they could the skills of hunting and fighting Ray's sisters learned fast, but he didn't share in their success. He had the speed to be a hunter, but he didn't have the patience or strength needed, so by the time he was six months old, he was made a healer apprentice. In this, he succeeded. He was a fast and willing learner, and soaked up all the information his mentor taught him. Ray continued on learning until one brutal day he will probably never forget; the day his pack was invaded. He was only nine months old when it happened, just barely below the age to becoming a full healer. The pack that attacked his was larger and stronger, about 100 plus strong with some of the fiercest warriors in the land. Ray's pack didn't stand a chance. Ray witnessed his family and friends get slaughtered before his very eyes, and only with quick thinking and fast actions was he able to escape alive with his sister, Lilith. The rest of his family was killed in the attack. He and his sister stuck together after that, wandering through lands vast and dangerous and meeting all kinds of friends and enemies, becoming extremely close along the way. Ray learned more about healing, becoming quite skilled at the subject. He and Lilith, being around one and a half years old, stumbled across another pack in a forest much like the one they were born in, and immediately were accepted in. The Alpha, a large male by the name of Ax, was a young, kind-hearted Dire wolf. Ray found that he fit in nicely, being a healer with the pack's lack of them. After being in the pack for several months, the healer found himself falling for a warrior in the pack, which wouldn't be a problem, yet the warrior was a male named Fang. In the pack, it was unacceptable for a male to love another male in a romantic light. So Ray hid his feelings until one day as he was treating the white-pelted warriors wounds from a fight with a cougar it slipped out. Fang, who had become his close friend, was shocked and what Ray thought was disgusted, but was really fear. He told the whole pack and soon they were against him, aggressive and cold. When he turned to his sister for help, she had settled down and become the Alpha's mate, all she gave him was a helpless look and silence before her mate attacked him. Ray moved fast, but Ax moved faster and left a large gash across his shoulder. Ray had stumbled back, terrified and in pain, and had turned and run, the thunderous sound of the wolves he had come to see as family chasing him down, ready to tear him to pieces. He didn't stop or look back until he was far from the territory, in a small clearing in the dark. His shoulder was bleeding badly from the wound he received from Ax, but with his skill he was able to deal with it easy enough. He wandered around aimlessly after that, the wound slowly healing to leave a scar that isn't detectable unless his fur is wet and sticking to his body. He came across the serenity river pack after a few months of wandering, where he now resides.


- Aurora - Mother - Dead
- Kiba - Father - Dead
- Lilith - Sister - Unknown
- Raven - Sister - Dead
- Crystal - Sister - Dead
- Bella - Sister - Dead

Past - None
Current - None

Past - Fang
Current - None


;Wolves met;



*Will be added at a later date

(Just wanted to test this out, add your comments or opinions on it.)

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Ray's biography
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